Nostalgia For Black Friday Doesn’t Justify It’s Continued Existence. (There Are Plenty of Ethical Alternatives.)

Black Friday? Yes, I have fond memories of those hectic early mornings.

I was a 90s kid, after all.

Black Fridays were, inevitably, linked to Thanksgiving. And it was so far out of the ordinary, so different from daily life, that it was quite the object of fascination to me.

It was a novelty.

And when you’re a kid, novelty rules.

A Copywriter Grapples With the Age-Old Question: How Can You Make Money Without Compromising Your Values?

The state of the world now — climate change, environmental damage, the increasing gap between rich and poor, the rise of individualism over community — these are all things I worry about.

Because I’m concerned about some of the issues raised above, I don’t really feel selling, as it is, as I see it a lot of the time, is enough for me.

I cannot sell or help people to sell without a conscience — there’s too much at stake.

Tippin' My Hat To... The Humans Strike Back & the ethical move.

I was turning the corner, readying myself for the final sprint. I could see the finish line (more like... start line!): Unconventional Agency’s website launch.

That’s when I found two things that gave me a boost of inspiration:

  1. Hotjar’s The Humans Strike Back Podcast.

  2. And the ethical move (which I found out about because Alice Karolina Smith, the founder, was featured in an episode.)

Every Business Owner Struggles With Finding Their Purpose. Here's How I Discovered a Key Element Of Mine.

One of the pillars of Unconventional Agency grew out of a single idea: the belief in the power of the story.

Stories have power over every aspect of our lives, whether they are stories that we tell ourselves, ones we share with our loved ones, or those that exist within society and the global human narrative.

In any story, the characters in them are presented with the concept of agency.