Ethical Marketing that builds bridges between your brand and consumers.

MARKETING SERVICES & SUPPORT FOR your socially-responsible and environmentally-CONSCIOUS BUSINESS.


We are Unconventional Agency.

We are not a marketing agency in the traditional sense.

(Where would the fun be in that?)

The "agency" in our name is meant to acknowledge our mission to give people a greater sense of ownership over their own choices.


  • the capacity of individuals to act independently and to make their own free choices.

We envision a world where everyone is fully aware of the choices available to them and the power they hold to act on those options.

We work to help people become conscious consumers, to help them understand the impact of their purchases and acquire the ability to see through any unethical programming thrown their way.

Furthermore, we seek to empower you (both individuals and brands) to take control of your own narrative, to realize your potential to make the world a better place.

For brands, that means understanding the power of marketing as a tool for communicating with customers and how it plays a role in achieving the ultimate mission of the business.


We’re ambitious marketers with a cause, and we work with ethical — socially responsible, conscious, change-making, "let's make this world a better place" — brands.


We're establishing a new standard for marketing.


Both business and marketing have a checkered past, contributing to much of the world's problems today, from the destruction of our biosphere to the widening gap between the rich and poor.

However, the tide is shifting.

In fact, you might be one of the changemakers at the forefront of this revolution in business.

If you're reading this, you're likely a part of a socially-responsible business, interested in starting/joining one, or a conscious consumer.

As a friend in this movement towards establishing a new ethical standard for doing business, we'd like to welcome you to learn more about how Unconventional Agency fits into the bigger picture, and how we might collaborate to bring our respective mission to fruition.


We establish meaningful connections between ethical businesses and conscious consumers.

(We're referring to you and your customers, respectively.)

We take on projects where we believe the product or service adds value to people’s lives. Not profit or short-term gain. It has to solve a problem. (Not add to people’s worries and the world’s problems.)


Time... Saved.
Efficiency... Increased.
Knowledge... Gained.

Why We always start with strategy.

Our biggest frustration when it comes to how marketing is carried out in the world is how many organizations are "winging it." We know because we've done plenty of "winging it" ourselves.

That's why we understand how ineffective it is.

At one point, we assumed that it comes with the territory, especially with startups or small to mid-sized businesses where each day, month, or year is accompanied by a constant state of flux.

That's true, but it doesn't mean having to work from a "reactive" state of mind, approaching each problem fresh and absent from a framework.

Having that framework, or process, in place ahead of time will give you the luxury of making well thought out decisions when you're faced with any situation that is thrown at you.

If you already have a marketing plan...

We can leverage the flexibility and scope of our team to help you get things done.

If you don't have a marketing strategy yet...

Find out why it's essential to have one, and how we can help.