Success starts with knowing exactly what you must do.

Soooo you need a Marketing strategy because “winging it” just doesn’t cut it anymore?


Here’s Our Method to Radness:

You need a marketing plan and roadmap.

If you’re scoffing right now, it’s probably because you’re thinking of those old-school marketing tomes that get written every so often only to be thrown into a filing cabinet never to be read again.

(It’s one of many bullshit jobs traditional businesses have created over the years.)

Nope, that’s not what we’re talking about.

“Method to Radness” is a process that is designed to help your organization take action and grow.


It starts with being methodical — we don’t recommend trying to do everything.

We isolate variables in the short-term so you can focus your energy on what gives you the most return on investment (of your money, time, talent, and resources).

These short-term campaigns also account for the big picture.

It’s important to learn how to use data to determine what we can optimize with the ultimate goal of scaling these campaigns.

If the results aren't ideal, we examine the data to see what needs to be changed to succeed. We make the changes, ready to receive the next round of results to review.

If it was the wrong call altogether, we scrap it and move on to the next campaign.

Rinse. Repeat.

It’s a process designed to get rid of the guesswork (as much as possible).

The goal? To make the most of your resources.


Our process was designed to combat "reactive" marketing and business decision-making in small organizations…


…where it’s common to try anything and everything in the hopes that something sticks.

Let’s throw out this lottery-style approach to marketing and business, and bring forth sustainable and scalable marketing processes!!

Furthermore, we always hold our methods up to scrutiny, asking whether our marketing works to connect people (rather than manipulate them).

Looking at the long-term helps us with this. It gives us perspective. If we're only focused on the short-term, we'll end up being driven by numbers.

It’s important to connect our current marketing campaigns with the greater vision of building authentic relationships with your ideal audience.


Our Packages:

The “Method to Radness” Intensive


We believe your brand is reflected in every single interaction your customer has with you.

If "strategy" sounds airy-fairy to you, have no fear.

At the core of this service is a focus on what is practical. We start by understanding your goals, your vision, and your ultimate mission. Then, we distill them into a "what-needs-to-be-done-right-now" roadmap that breaks down the things you need to achieve in the next 3 months, week-by-week.

Make no mistake, the strategy + roadmap isn't some "million dollar dream marketing plan" that's completely unfeasible for your organization to implement.

It's about creating a plan that's possible to carry out given the resources (time, talent, money, etc.) you have available.

Increased efficiency is the main benefit of this service. Your marketing function will have a precise 3-month plan to see through. At the end of that period, you'll be able to measure the results of that campaign, learn from the data and experience, and decide on next steps for your next roadmap.


  • The intensive will be conducted through three distinct phases with a 60-minute call to conclude each section: 1) A deep dive in to your business. 2) Proposed strategy direction. 3) Final consultation.

  • A marketing strategy overview, detailing short and long-term goals, created with consideration to your internal marketing capabilities, budget, and other relevant resources.

  • 3-month roadmap, detailing week-to-week tasks and benchmarks.

  • A map of your customer lifecycle, detailing the journey from lead generation to the customer retention.

  • A 60-minute follow-up call, scheduled a month later to check up on your progress.


$2,500 USD for the full "Strategy + Roadmapping Intensive."

Chief Marketing Officer, “When You Need It”


Many small to mid-sized businesses don't have the resources to hire a dedicated marketing strategist, which means strategy often gets ushered to the wayside.

In our book, strategy is NOT a luxury.

It's essential to a healthy business.

Our solution?

We believe most businesses don't actually need a full-time "Chief Marketing Officer." (And can’t afford one.)

Instead, we are providing you access to high-level marketing strategy, but only when you need it.

This service is offered with the view of establishing long-term collaborations.


  • A dedicated expert who is invested in your business and understands its marketing needs.

  • Everything from our "Strategy + Roadmapping Intensive." (Roadmapping intended to be conducted quarterly.)

  • A Slack channel for direct communication with your CMO.

  • Weekly "office hours" where your CMO is available for any queries.

  • Monthly progress call.

  • OPTIONAL: Project management of marketing strategy.


$2,500 USD/month for a minimum 3-month engagement. (Without Project Management)
$4,000 USD/month for a minimum 3-month engagement. (Project Management Included.)

Disclaimer: The CMO is not responsible for day-to-day marketing implementation. (If you are interested in these services, see: marketing implementation.)

He’s a holistic guy. He’ll look at the entire picture, which is very helpful, especially for me as a company director. He asked me intelligent questions which made me think about my business. I think people get … almost like overwhelmed or put off by marketing. Jeffrey frames it so that you’re identifying and solving a problem. It just makes it much less overwhelming because why would you not want to have a problem solved.
— Melanie McDowell, Stint Ireland
If you’re overwhelmed by the prospect of strategy, you should contact Unconventional Agency. They can create a roadmap for you, making it really actionable, breaking things down into bite-sized chunks... Jeffrey focuses on ethical brands and understands where you’re coming from as a sustainable brand. The multiple documents and roadmap he provided has already proven valuable.
— Eve Kekeh, Bundlee

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