Tippin' My Hat To... The Humans Strike Back & the ethical move.

I was turning the corner, readying myself for the final sprint. I could see the finish line (more like... start line!): Unconventional Agency’s website launch.

That’s when I found two things that gave me a boost of inspiration:

  1. Hotjar’s The Humans Strike Back Podcast.

  2. And the ethical move (which I found out about because Alice Karolina Smith, the founder, was featured in an episode.)

The Humans Strike Back, hosted by David Peralta and Louis Grenier, releases new episodes weekly, exploring why a “people-first” approach is key to business success.

Listening to this podcast always puts me in a positive mood.

In fact, it wouldn't be unusual to find me smiling during these episodes. For example, in one episode, David Cancel, the CEO of Drift, told an amazing story about the time his 11-year-old daughter started a business and went into his office to conduct a pricing survey.

The story was a pure blast of human triumph; it had me beaming, inspired to no end.

The Humans Strike Back is full of moments like this.

Often, either David, or the featured guest, is able to put things into perspective and express things in a way that makes me start nodding, thinking, “YES, that’s exactly how I FEEL! You guys get it!" or "That's what things SHOULD (and COULD) be like."

It features people who are working to improve people's lives, professional or otherwise, chatting about ways in which we can do that for our own customers, colleagues, employees, and ourselves.

What's not to like?

Since my first episode was the one featuring the ethical move, I’ll suggest starting with that one.



The ethical move is an organization that seeks “to break consumerism.”

One of the core missions of Unconventional Agency is replacing consumerism with conscious capitalism.

We want to build a world where businesses take it upon themselves to do right by their customers and the world.

Furthermore, we want to educate consumers so that they can see through manipulative marketing tactics and unethical business practices.

When I first had the idea that eventually became Unconventional Agency, I knew I wanted to contribute to building this "conscious" economy on the marketing front.

At the time, socially and environmentally-responsible business were getting quite a bit of press. There was also plenty of resources out there for consumers. However, there didn’t seem to be much astir when it came to marketing.

That’s why I was so glad to find the ethical move the week before my launch. I felt like it was saying what I was thinking.

Yes, “how we sell matters.” (It really does.)

I’m excited that there are people out there starting that conversation, challenging how marketers do things, critiquing the tactics we use. (It's a conversation we're excited to join.)

In fact, we've already taken inspiration from the ethical move and applied it to our launch.

No “charm prices” to get all “psychological” on you. Only round numbers.