Ideally, I’d like to spend lots of quality time with loved ones, write novels, travel, and volunteer for causes that make the world a better place.

Unfortunately, I spent much of my time stressed out about making money...

So, day-to-day, I offer marketing services and support for businesses—preferably those that are socially-responsible and environmentally-conscious.


Hi, my name is Jeffrey.

And I’m super worried about the state of our world. (Aren’t you?)


As you’re considering working with me, here are some things you probably want to know about me in earnest.

1) I’m legit.

That’s me ————————————————————>

Yes, I’m a real person.

And, no I don’t have a marketing degree. But, I have the next best—in fact, better—thing: practical experience.

I started out in social media and content marketing. (Because I was lucky enough to get unpaid internships. Privilege… woohoo!)

Once I got a “big boy” job as an in-house marketer, I leveled up—I learned all about how marketing is so much more than updating social media feeds, writing blog posts, and putting up FB ads.

That’s how I became a marketing strategist. (For small teams though. I have no experience running a multi-million dollar budget that’s for sure—although, I probably could considering how lots of people get their jobs in this world… cough…rich daddies… cough.)

2) I always question the status quo.

I wasn’t born this way. (Or was I? No, that would be a discredit to my parents who did an amazing job bringing me up. Thanks, Mom and Dad!)

I was lucky to have positive and open-minded influences growing up. From my parents to my teachers to my friends, I’m thankful for everyone who challenged me to think beyond myself and my own preconceptions.

It’s something I hope to instill into every aspect of Unconventional Agency. I want the question "how can we do things better?" ingrained in our DNA. I want it to be present in our working relationship.

2) I want to make the world a better place.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had an overwhelming desire to make the world a better place. (Again, maybe I was born this way, but I’d like to give credit to my awesome role models.)

When I was younger, I dreamt of becoming a (super)hero.

Now, older and (a wee bit) wiser, I've realized the folly in that thinking. To be honest, it's a bit egotistical to think that I am the solution. Now, my heart lies in helping and working with others in a shared quest for a kinder, greener, safer, and more tolerant world.

The world doesn’t change because one person does the right thing. It changes because a critical mass of people choose to be badasses.

3) I believe in people. Furthermore, I believe the road to success begins with hope.

Unconventional Agency grew from my belief that positive change is built upon hope.

Yes, people DO act out of fear, and I am not naive enough to believe that humanity's history is one of constant progress. However, I do believe the most effective movements are grown through shared aspirations for a common future.

(It is up to us to make sure that common future is a "better" future.)




AKA the foundational elements of Unconventional Agency.


We stand by our work.

We are aware of how often in humanity's history marketing has been used for "evil."

Environmental destruction. Planned obsolescence. Products people don't need.

Marketers are complicit in some shape or form in all of these developments.

The nature of the work lends itself to passing on the blame. "We're just paid to sell their products/services." "Who cares what's being sold... I just need to feed our family and kids."

As if marketing were separate from the business.

No, marketers have always been complicit in the sins of hyper-consumerism.

It's time for marketers to step out of our bubble. Being a good marketer includes taking responsibility for our work and its effects, good or bad.

Marketing isn't inherently evil though.

Marketing with a code of ethics, in support of ethical organizations, is one of the many ways in which we can shape the world of the future.

We, the marketers, simply need to play an active role in overseeing that progress.

We have no competitors.

Adversarial business attitudes don’t belong anywhere in the new world we’re building. We're not here to be the "#1" or the "only" marketing agency that you need.

Positioning your product as the best and only solution is wrong.

(FYI, if we ever get that full of ourselves, please let us know.)

One of our goals is to challenge the idea that huge egos are necessary for success in the business world.

We realize that no product or service — no one company — has the capability to be everything for everyone.

And, if your product or service is THAT great for humanity, share it.

(Unless, secretly, your ambition is to have a monopoly... in which case, you might be more power hungry than altruistic.)

Instead, we should support other people and businesses who share our mission.

There’s room in this world for cooperation.

We have no competitors.

If you also share our mission, you’re a friend.

We welcome you. Let us know how we can support you. And if there's the potential for collaboration, let's explore that too.

We build bridges between people to facilitate serendipity.

When people from different disciplines, backgrounds, and various walks of life meet, approaching a shared goal from different angles...

Magic happens.

What does this look like?

  1. Through our marketing services, we connect ethical businesses with conscious consumers.

  2. We educate and equip conscious consumers through our own platform.

  3. On the other hand, we connect with fellow marketing specialists, business owners and professionals in their own right, to build a database of marketers with specialties spanning all corners of the discipline.

  4. Lastly, we connect ethical businesses with those marketing specialists to engage in projects with the first point in mind.

Unconventional Agency operates as the studio through which all that can happen.

Find out what this looks like...